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Electric heaters are utilities used for heat generation. The use of electric heaters throughout industry, commerce and consumer products contexts is widespread and varied; the number of different heater configurations and applications grows almost daily. Some heater varieties resemble each other very closely. Band heaters and strip heaters, for example, are distinguished from each other only by the fact that band heaters are usually slightly smaller and more flexible than strip heaters.

The variety of electric heaters on the market is astounding, sometimes with cross over styles and sometimes not. Cartridge heaters sometimes qualify as immersion heaters, but not always. Sometimes, a heater’s name is descriptive of its use, as is the case with drum heaters. In other cases, a heater’s name is descriptive of its configuration, as is the case with tubular heaters. Some heater terms can be used interchangeably; air heaters and duct heaters are both used in HVAC systems to heat air, though a free-standing space heater could also be considered an air heater but not a duct heater. Both could be described as circulation heaters, though some circulation heaters are used to heat liquids in a containment system. All of these heaters can be considered process heaters, depending on their use, and they are all likely to feature wire or coil heating elements with ceramic, mineral or other insulation material. Despite the seeming interchangeability of terms and the confusion it can cause, each variety contributes to an important industrial process or commercial utility as well as some purposes in the context of consumer products.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Hotwatt, Inc.

Danvers, MA | 978-777-0070

Hotwatt is a trusted manufacturer of electric heating elements with manufacturing experiences dating back 1952. Over the years we have greatly expanded our product lines to include: cartridge heaters, air process heaters, immersion heaters, strip heaters, finned strip heaters, tubular heaters, band heaters, foil heaters, ceramic heaters and much more. If you would like more information about our long-lasting electric heating solutions then please give one of our representatives a call today!


Hallandale, FL | 800-492-8826

WATTCO™ is your process electric heater specialist! We manufacture industrial electric circulation, flanged, pipe, duct, tubular, screw plug, and many other heaters. We’ve been providing industrial heating solutions since 1969, and we are ready to provide you with innovative and reliable solutions whatever your applications may be. Check out our full offering of heating products on our website, and contact us today for a quote!

Thermal Devices

Mt. Airy, MD | 800-282-9100

We are a manufacturer of top of the line industrial heaters & electrical control products. Here at Thermal Devices we specialize in creating cartridge heaters and our teams are available to help you determine the best heater for your application. You can count on us to provide you with a reliable heater. We are a forward thinking manufacturer who will always keep your needs in mind.

The George Ulanet Company

Newark, NJ | 800-631-8830

For quality, reliability, and experience in the electric heating field, The George Ulanet Company is the manufacturer of choice. For more than 80 years, we have been providing heating solutions to a diverse customer base, ranging from standard products to complex custom made heaters. We specialize in the design and manufacture of immersion heaters along with heating elements and heating controls. Connect with our experienced engineers to find your heating solution!

Delta Manufacturing Company Incorporated

Tulsa, OK | 800-223-4328

With more than 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Delta Manufacturing Company has the expertise and technical knowledge to provide you with the very best electric heaters. Our offering of industrial heaters includes mica heaters, ceramic heaters, cartridge heaters, ring heaters, immersion heaters, and more. We have earned a reputation for reliability and quality, so come to the experts for your heater needs!

Convectronics, Inc.

Haverhill, MA | 800-633-0166

Convectronics, Inc. is renowned for its first class heaters, temperature sensors, and controls. Convectronics is a leader in advanced heating technologies, offering top of the line electric air heaters and tubular heater products. We utilize decades of experience and knowledge to design customized heating solutions for your exact applications. Work with our elite staff to find your perfect electric heater!

Intek Corporation

Union, MO | 800-387-8559

Here at Intek Corporation we take pride in saying we are a custom manufacturer of various types of energy efficient solutions such as industrial ovens, dryers, electric infrared elements, heaters, and much more. We take your requests very seriously and our teams are available to assist you with finding a perfect solution for your situation. Please give us a call if you have any questions today.

An electric heater is any electric-powered device used to create heat. They are used in a great variety of contexts. In manufacturing and industrial processing, electric heaters can provide localized heat to an area within a machine to help shape or melt materials, heat liquid tanks, radiate heat through the air or preserve the molten state of a substance. Strip and band heaters as well as cartridge and air heaters are all frequently used for these purposes. In metal, plastic and rubber extrusion, for example, the friction generated as a natural expression of the extrusion process does not always generate sufficient heat to plasticize the materials intended for extrusion. Heaters can be used as a supplement to generate and sustain material plasticization, which contributes to a more efficient process and helps yield a higher-quality extruded product. Heat is an essential part of many other manufacturing processes as well. In packaging, foam fabricating, metal fabricating and food processing industries, cartridge heaters are most often inserted through a custom-sized hole into equipment parts that require localized or high temperature heat. Radiating heaters like immersion heaters and tubular heaters are used to heat liquid or air in water treatment facilities, residential applications, commercial buildings and many other applications.

Every electric heater consists of a few parts that are essential for electrical heat generation. Electric heating is the process by which electricity is converted into thermal energy. An electric charge is usually conveyed by electrons flowing through a medium. When such a medium is connected to an electrically resistant material, the electrons collide with the atomic particles of the resistor, causing them to vibrate. The noticeable expression of that vibration is heat. In the case of electric heating, the resistor is called the heating element. Heating element composition and configuration is variable. Coil heaters can be a simple metal resistor coiled into a spiral shape. Others can feature elaborate configurations and advanced ceramic insulators to maximize heat generation, direct heat distribution and otherwise control the qualities of the heat more effectively. Electric heaters only need heating elements to generate heat, but most of them feature some kind of insulation, and almost all of them feature a sheath of stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or another material to improve performance and extend operating life. Insulation is necessary in many types of electric heaters to retain and absorb electrical energy so that it can be released as heat energy by surrounding coils or materials.

Ceramics are the most common types of insulation, although electric heaters can be fitted with mineral, mica or fiberglass insulation as well, depending on the heater’s application requirements. Radiating types of electric heaters transfer heat from ceramic cores or complete heating elements by moving heat through the air with fans, as is the case with space heaters, or through hot air ductwork systems, as is the case with duct heaters. Each application for electric heaters will require a standard for material make-up, temperature capacity and power. Non-electric heating systems can involve coal, wood, gas or water, although most of these alternatives are far less energy-efficient than electric heat generation. Electric water heaters, for example, are more environmentally sustainable and economical than other heating methods. Safety is another crucial concern when purchasing a heater. Different heaters respond in different ways to different environments and applications. Successful industry professionals carefully choose electric heaters based on a foundation of clear knowledge about the operating conditions in which an electric heater will be employed and to what tasks a heater will be applied.

Hotwatt, Inc.

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