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Selecting an electric coil heater for industrial use can be a complicated process. There are many considerations that are necessary to choose the best heater for each specific use. Luckily, there are some easy calculations that you can apply to ensure that you choose the best heater for your uses.

First of all, never select a heater that has a motor with a larger rating than the maximum listed on the nameplate of the starter. Secondly, the selection process will change based on whether the heater has a continuous-rated motor service factor or not. If it does, select a heater with the maximum amperes that are a little greater or equal to the motor full-load current. For all other heaters, multiply the full-load current of the motor by .9 to find the amperes requirement for your heater.

Some heater companies may also offer a table that has the calculations preset so that you do not have to calculate the motor rating on your own. All you have to do is plug in the specifications of your needs and follow the chart to find the most compatible heater for your uses. Using a process or table like this helps eliminate much of the guesswork that is involved with industrial electric coil heater selection, which is a huge benefit to factories all over the world. With the ability to choose a perfectly-sized heater, a factory can receive many benefits, such as reduced energy use, maximized heating processes, reliable and efficient heating procedures, improved performance reliability, and an increase in overall quality of the products used with the heater. Using a correctly-sized heater can also cut down on the environmental footprint of a factory.

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