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Union, MO

Intek Corporation is a creative manufacturer of industrial space and process heating units. Intek Corporation has over 35 years of experience and we are working hard to develop the newest technologies in our industry. We have patented the technology for highly energy efficient electric infrared panel heating devices which are more versatile compared to conventional electric space heaters. Our outstanding heating elements can be engineered with customers’ production goals in mind and the professionals at Intek Corporation are well-versed in designing our infrared heaters to match application requirements. You can count on Intek Corporation to supply only the best! We offer a number of products such as zoned electric infrared space heaters, electric infrared flash dryers, standard heaters & industrial ovens, refurbished ovens, custom solutions and replacement parts. Intek Corporation looks out for our customers’ needs, which is why we strive to improve the productivity of your facilities. We utilize cutting edge AutoCad engineering drawings to supply our customers with the most accurate designs possible. Our engineering teams are proficient at creating our highly unique heating solutions while adhering to all customer requests. Our experts at Intek Corporation are available to assist with any services or repairs and many customers turn to us to locate those hard to find components which can be used to repair most types of commercial or industrial heaters. Our engineers are experienced at creating heating elements for drying a number of items including: paper pulp, transformers, screen printing, pet food, concrete blocks, ceramic fiber VIP, organic & biodegradable waste. These items are ideal for a number of applications such as thermoforming plastics, warming pharmaceuticals, preheating corrugated metals and much more. If you are interested if Intek Corporation for your business then please give us a call or visit our website today!

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